Newsletter for July & August 2017



On Saturday 17th June we celebrated the Reception of their First Holy Communion by the  children of our parish. We welcomed parents, godparents, grandparents, family and friends. May they be an example to our children in the ways of Faith.


Our congratulations and prayers for our teenagers who were confirmed in June.


I would like to thank the parish catechists who give of their time to instruct our children for First Confession and First Holy Communion throughout the year. I know how thankful parents are for their commitment and enthusiasm. I mustn’t forget the catechists who guide the children’s liturgy on a Sunday morning during the first part of the Family Mass. May I thank the parents for their very kind donations for the beautiful flowers for First Communion Day and, once more, for the children’s contributions to Mary’s Meals.


Congratulations to the eight new priests for our Diocese who were ordained by the Cardinal in the Cathedral last month and have all received their first parish appointments. Fr Julio Albornoz, Chaplain at Westminster Cathedral; Fr Andrew Bowden, Chaplain at Westminster Cathedral; Fr Michael Jarmulowicz, temporary appointment as Priest in Charge at Pimlico; Fr Michael Maguire, Assistant Priest at Chiswick; Fr Brian McMahon, Assistant Priest at Stevenage; Fr Joseph Okoro, Assistant Priest at Watford; Fr Carlos Quito, Assistant Priest at Bishops Stortford; and Fr John Warnaby, Assistant Priest at Palmers Green. Please pray for them all.


As we celebrate the journeys in faith of our little ones and our teenagers, may I also refer once more to the Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults, the vehicle through which adults are prepared for baptism/reception into the Catholic Church. My next course will commence in September on Monday evenings at 7pm. If there are any adults worshipping here with us who might like to “come and see” with no obligation, I shall be pleased to hear from them.


It is with a heavy heart that I announce the immediate retirement of David Bevan, our Director of Music for the past 34 years, due to the rapid advancement of his Parkinson’s condition. It would be hard to put on record what we all owe him for his magnificent service to the parish over all those years. We shall be planning a suitable ‘Farewell’ for him once we’re all back from the summer holidays.


An advertisement will be appearing on the diocesan website very soon.


The solemn blessing into Consecrated Virginity of one of our parishioners, Maria Decker, took place in June at the German-speaking Catholic parish in Whitechapel which Maria shares with the Holy Redeemer parish. It is a special form of religious life that dates back to the 1st century AD. Consecrated virgins do not belong to an order or monastery but live individually ‘in the world’, are responsible for their own sustenance, and support the church through prayer and charitable work. Numbering about 4,000 worldwide (approx. 200 in the UK) they answer to the Bishop of the dioceses in which they live. We offer Maria our prayerful support.


Pope Francis sent a message to Cardinal Nichols expressing sadness and offering his condolences and prayers. A number of our priests in the area offered their personal support to the survivors and their families, as well as to members of the emergency services, along with Caritas Westminster and The Catholic Childrens’ Society.


The Rosminian Missions have been given permission to appeal in our diocese during this calendar year. One of their priests will be visiting on the weekend of 26th / 27th August.

RideLondon 29-30th July 2017 - Roads in central London will again annoyingly be closed for this event. Email or telephone 0345 894 9773.


Registration for the First Holy Communion classes for children of parishioners registered with Holy Redeemer and part of our parish community will be on Tuesday 5th September at 5pm in the Monckton Room. Classes will start the following Tuesday.


Congratulations to the parents and sponsors of Anthony Flackett and Charlotte Soo-Jin Na who were baptised in June.


For the fifth year running Fr Alfred Micallef SJ will be in residence at the Rectory. I do thank him very much. Canon Michael Brockie


Caitriona Fleming